Catering hotel

When it comes to the catering and hotel industry, Da Chang Sail Stitching Co., Ltd. can provide a variety of canvas products to meet the needs of customers.

Table cloth and chair cover: Da Chang Sail Stitching Co., Ltd. design and production of various specifications and style of table cloth and chair cover, which can provide neat, beautiful dining environment for the restaurant, and can protect the desktop and chair from the influence of stains and wear.

Canvas bag: a canvas bag for catering hotels, can be used to store and carry a variety of items, such as tableware, bottles, coffee beans, etc. These bags are made of high quality canvas material and have durability and easy to clean.

Apron: Da Chang Sail Stitching Co., Ltd. designs and makes all kinds of aprons, including waiter apron and chef's apron. Made from durable canvas materials, these aprons protect employee clothing from food oil stains and stains, and ensure employee cleanliness and comfort.

Industrial transport

For industrial transportation demand, the following services:

Goods cover canvas: Da Chang Sail Stitching Co., Ltd. designs and produces all types of cargo cover canvas to protect the goods in industrial transportation. These cocanvas are made of high-strength canvas materials, which can resist bad weather and external damage to the goods and ensure the safety and integrity of the goods.

Car dust cover: In order to protect the goods in the carriage from dust, foreign matter and moisture, the Da Chang Sail Stitching Co., Ltd. designs and makes the car dust cover. These covers are made of canvas material with good air permeability, which can effectively prevent dust and maintain proper ventilation of the goods.

Sports event

When it comes to sporting demand, Dachang provides the following services:

Crown and tent: The Company provides canopy and tent structures for outdoor sports venues to provide comfortable shading and protection for athletes and spectators during sporting events. These structures are made of lightweight canvas materials, with the characteristics of rapid disassembly and durability.

Other sports facilities: Da Chang Sail Stitching Co., Ltd.can also provide other canvas products and facilities for sports events, such as playground covering materials and mesh covers, according to customer needs and site requirements. These products can provide good shading and protection in outdoor sports, while ensuring the smooth progress of sporting events.

Other needs

For the needs of other industries, Da Chang Sail Stitching Co., Ltd. can provide customized canvas products solutions according to the special requirements of customers. Whether it is a protective cover in the petrochemical industry, a tent building in the open market or an awning for outdoor activities, the team will accurately design and produce it according to customer needs to meet the needs of various industries and uses.