Personalized and customized products:

At Dachang, we see personalized customized products as a core service. We focus on meeting our customers' personalized needs for sail seam products. Whether you need personal travel supplies, outdoor sports equipment, patio decoration or other personalized products, we can customize them to your needs. You can choose details like sizes, materials, colors, and printing to create distinctive products. We have an experienced team that will ensure that your custom products are top quality and unique.

Supplies on board:

Ship supplies play a vital role in sailing activities. We offer a variety of ship supplies including awning, sails, covers, mats and onboard accessories. These products are made of durable materials and have UV resistance, waterproof and wind resistance. Whether you are a recreational sailing or commercial transport ship, our ship supplies can provide you with a reliable protection and comfortable environment. Our products are carefully designed and strictly quality controlled to ensure that they can withstand the severe marine environment.

Industrial goods:

Safety and comfort are often a priority for workplaces in a variety of industries. We produce a variety of industrial products, including protective caps, protective clothing, safety ropes, anti-skid pads and industrial tarps. All of these products are carefully designed and screened to ensure excellent durability and safety performance. Whether you are in the construction, aviation, energy, mining or other industries, we can provide you with high quality industrial supplies to ensure the safety and comfort of the workplace.


Outdoor activities are of great significance to nature's exploration and recreation. We offer various types of tents including outdoor camping tents, professional mountaineering tents, beach shading tents and outdoor party tents. These tents are excellent waterproof, breathable, insect-proof and windproof, providing you with comfortable accommodation and activities in a variety of outdoor environments. Our tent uses durable materials and precise fabrication techniques to ensure its durability and stability in outdoor use.